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Florida Earthship School Session 1 of 8


The earthship is partially built, your mission, should you choose, is to help complete it.

Session 1: Work on the west-half of the earthship. Two rooms and a bathroom, entry air-lock and 1/2 of the solarium. Session Tuition is $500, with experience based discounts.

Classroom time and hands-on, in the field time with a team of people from around the world with Earthship Builder/Teachers. Each Session will complete each half of the building with daily classes on-site.

500+ page Curriculum Text Books are available. How-To, step-by-step with concepts explained how everything works, and why.

This is a six-day workshop near Sarasota, Florida. Experience the most advanced sustainable construction designs and systems in the world near stunning white sand beaches, highest rated in North America.

FREE Permit and Construction Drawings will be made available during this event as high-resolution PDF files. We believe in open-source sustainable design and construction.

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earthship biotecture solarium greywater planter

earthship biotecture greywater

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Available every day, choose options at registration. Yummy Food and water to support you for this green build. You need to bring a water bottle and eating utensils. (choose options at registration)

Sleeping arrangements: Choose options at registration. You have choices as to where you sleep, who you sleep near, private rooms, etc. Camping and RV/Van connections are also available.

Travel in-country: From and back to the airport. To and from job-site and main accommodations house (about 20 mins) is available. Choose options at registration. Arrangements to pick you up at the airport are made after registration. Upon registration we will coordinate air travel times as there are a limited amount of arrivals into the airport in one day.

florida earthship session1

Earthship Build Session 1 of 8

Session 1: Work on the west-half of the earthship. Two rooms and a bathroom, entry air-lock and 1/2 of the solarium. Session Tuition is $500, with experience based discounts.

Part 1 includes sessions 1-4 [part 1 works on the west-half the earthship].
Part 2 includes sessions 5-8 [part 2 works on the east-half the earthship].


Stuff to bring
earthship biotecture tire work
A full list is provided after registration. You are in a warm tropical environment and on a job-site building an earthship and in a classroom setting. Climate appropriate clothing, tools, notebook, etc.

What are we doing?
We are working on an incomplete owner-built Earthship, finishing the structural shell and systems (not power, yet). Daily classroom time is on site using the Curriculum Text Book. This project may extend to become an Earthship School and Permaculture Institute. This depends upon how the project goes and levels of interest and involvement with the community.

The overall goal is to serve the community with sustainable living systems: food production, solar and wind electricity, clean water, liquid waste treatment and self-empowerment to thrive independently.

We envision colleges and universities such as Eckerd College, USF St. Pete, SPC and New College can use the Earthship and this property as a living laboratory to experiment and innovate with sustainability technologies and methods. This demonstration and example serves to show how easy and simple sustainable living is, NOW.

We aim to help others become more consciously sustainable and work toward the long-term goal of creating self-sufficient communities throughout the United States.

  • Provide hands-on education for students of all ages focused on eco-conscious, sustainable practices and community building.
  • Dedicated to inter-generational knowledge and skill exchange and cultivating an atmosphere for experimentation and development of innovative, sustainable technologies.

The Florida Earthship is on its way to completion on 10 acres of extremely fertile land, located in Myakka, FL, (an hour south of Tampa).

earthship florida overview

  • Catchwater cistern storage capacity: 4,400 gallons (building). Water well with additional 1,100 gallon cistern.
  • Comfort: Air cooling tubes. No air conditioner or heater will be needed for this home. Radiant Floors.
  • Solar & Wind Power. (phase III)
  • Food production.
  • Liquid Waste Treatment: Onsite botanical treatment greywater planters through an ‘Innovative Use’ permit.
  • Recycled and Re-Purposed construction materials and components where possible.

hurricane resistant floorplan


Additional Information

Experience based tuition

earthship alum save $100, building experience save $50, new to this


house $50/night, camping $10/night, RV – Van $15/night, No, I will provide my own accommodations.


Yes! 3 meals/day $20/day, No. I will provide my own meals.


Yes! to & from the airport and job site $86, No. I will provide my own ground transportation.